What is Springfield, Illinois city profile?

Illinois State Capitol - courtesy aka Kath - CC-BY

Illinois State Capitol - courtesy aka Kath - CC-BY

Springfield is the capital of Illinois.  Founded in the late 1810s, its most famous resident was Abraham Lincoln, who lived in Springfield from 1837 until he went to the White House in 1861.  Many tourist attractions are of historic sites connected with Lincoln.  Springfield became the capital of Illinois in 1839.  On February 10, 2007, then-senator Barack Obama announced his presidential candidacy in Springfield.

If you are going to see just one Lincoln site, make it The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum which documents the life of the 16th U.S. President and the course of the American Civil War.  As for other Lincoln sites, the home in which he lived is still there, the office in which he worked, is still there, and of course Lincoln’s Tomb is in Springfield.

If you don’t want to spend all your time in historical museums, Springfield also has a great system of parks and botanical gardens. In fact, the Washington Botanical Gardens are displayed year-round with indoor as well as outdoor plantings.

One of the most popular shopping areas for visitors is Downtown Springfield. Throughout the Historic district, you’ll find a wide variety of specialty shops with everything from authentic Abraham Lincoln sculptures to hard-to-find collectibles. However, the largest shopping area is on the West Side and is anchored by White Oaks Mall.

Springfield has had an interesting association with food. The corn dog on a stick is said to have been invented there.  The first U.S. drive-thru window is still in operation and the state of Illinois proclaimed Springfield as the “Chili Capital of the Civilized World.”  There is also the usual Midwestern collection of steak houses and home-cookin’ restaurants with some excellent food.

Hot summers and cold winters are the norm. Springfield summer average high temperature is 76.5 F (24.7 C) in July and a winter minimum of 24.2  F(−4.3 C) in January.

Springfield is served by Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport.  Public transportation is bus and taxi.

Springfield is considered a safe city, normal precautions apply.

Springfield population is 116,482 (2006).  Metro area is 188,951.

1 is the international calling code for the United States

217 Is the area code for Springfield.

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