What is Frankfort city profile?

Kentucky State Capitol - courtesy maxpruneau - CC-BY

Kentucky State Capitol - courtesy maxpruneau - CC-BY

Frankfort is the capital of Kentucky and the 5th smallest state capital city.  In 1786, the area of Frankfort was first purchased and an effort was made to make it the national capital over Washington D.C. It was established as Frankfort, Virginia, and became the capital of the new state of Kentucky in 1792.

This quote from From Anthony Trollope’s “North America” (1862): “Frankfort is the capital of Kentucky, and is as quietly dull a little town as I ever entered. It is on the river Kentucky, and as the grounds about it on every side rise in wooded hills, it is a very pretty place.”  Much has not changed.  It is still a very pretty place.

For history buffs, Frankfort has over 70 historic sites to visit. Visitors may enjoy an entertaining tour of historic downtown Frankfort. Guided walking tours begin at The Capital City Museum and of course, there is the grave of Daniel Boon.  Other attractions include Liberty Hall, the Old State Capitol (The Museum of the Kentucky Historical Society) and the current Greek Revival capitol.

Frankfort has the usual collection of national chain department stores and outlet malls.  Diners can do a little better.  Frankfort has a good collection of fine dining establishments and international eateries and more coming along all the time.

“Frankfort is located at the northern extreme limit of the humid subtropical climate of the Southeastern United States. It is proximal to the climatic transition zone where the subtropical Southeast blends with and then eventually changes to a humid continental climate further north (roughly just beyond Cincinnati, Ohio and Indianapolis, Indiana).”  Frankfort climate summary from Wikipedia

Frankfort does not have a commercial airport and visitors fly into Bluegrass Airport in Lexington or Louisville International Airport.  Local public transportation is bus and taxi.

Frankfort is considered a safe city, normal precautions apply.

Frankfort population is 27,741 (2000).

1 is the international calling code for the United States.

502 is the area code for Frankfort.

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