What is Augusta, Maine, city profile?

Maine State Capitol - courtesy jimbowen0306 - CC-BY

Maine State Capitol - courtesy jimbowen0306 - CC-BY

Augusta is the capital of Maine and one of the smallest state capital cities, though rather large by Maine standards.  It was first inhabited by English settlers from the Plymouth Colony in 1629 as a trading post on the Kennebec River and known by its Indian name Cushnoc.  Later the name was changed to Augusta after Augusta Dearborn, daughter of Henry Dearborn and the city became the capital of Maine in 1827.

You will find several points of interest in the downtown area. The main historic attraction is Fort Western which was built by the Plymouth Company in 1754 to protect settlers. It is located on the Kennebec River. Other attractions include Blaine House, Capitol Park, a Children’s Discovery Museum and Maine State Library & Museum which focuses on native inhabitants and 19th century technology. There is also The Pine Tree State Arboretum which has 224 acres and is a beautiful place to visit in the fall.  The University of Maine at Augusta features the Danforth Art Gallery. The Maine Capitol Building sits as a Greek Revival centerpiece for this lovely little city.

Fine dining is available most everywhere in the city, from old fashioned Lobster and Clambakes to five star service at the finest international restaurants.  A good collection of the standard chain eateries also exists.  Shopping is about the same as any similar size city with a few local souvenirs thrown in.

Augusta temperatures range from single digits F. in the winter to the high 80s F. in the summer and there can be precipitation at any time of the year.

Augusta is served by Augusta State Airport with long distance visitors arriving at nearby Boston.  Public transportation is bus and taxi.

Augusta, Maine is considered a safe city and normal precautions apply.

Augusta population is 18,560 (2000).

1 is the international calling code for the United States.

207 is the area code for Augusta.

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