What is Lansing city profile?

Michigan State Capitol - courtesy CedarBendDrive - CC-BY

Michigan State Capitol - courtesy CedarBendDrive - CC-BY

Lansing is the capital of Michigan, and the state’s sixth largest city.  Lansing is the only state capital to begin as a ‘land scam.’  The city was founded by two brothers from New York who plotted the area now known as REO Town just south of downtown Lansing and named it “Biddle City.”  It was all underwater most of the year.  Florida didn’t invent the ‘land-scam’ industry.

Anyway, the brothers went back to New York, specifically Lansing, New York, to sell land and lots in the town that did not exist.  Of those who bought land in the new city, after finding they had been scammed, a few still settled in the area and soon renamed it “Lansing” in honor of their home village in New York.  In 1848, the legislature then gave the settlement the “official” name of “Lansing” and only a few months later, it became the capital of Michigan.  When it was selected as the capital, fewer than 10 registered voters lived there.  Late in the 19th century, the capitol was completed and a local named R. E. Olds completed his latest invention which was a three-wheel vehicle powered by a steam engine. Over the years, the auto industry has stood as Lansing’s lifeblood, making it the “Car Capital of North America.”

Make sure to visit the renovated Old Town, where turn of the century buildings have been restored and are now home to a great collection of galleries, antique shops, and restaurants.

Lansing weather is similar to that of Detroit.

Lansing is served by Capital Region International Airport.  Public transportation is bus and taxi.

Lansing population is 113,968 (2008).  Metro area is 454,044.

1 is the international calling code for the United States.

517 is the area code for Lansing.

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