What is Saint Paul city profile?

Minnesota State Capitol - courtesy cliff1066™ - CC-BY

Minnesota State Capitol - courtesy cliff1066 - CC-BY

Saint Paul is the capital of Minnesota and the state’s second largest city.  We have already learned of one state capital city which began as a land scam, now we will learn of one that became capital because somebody deliberately hid the official paperwork that would have made another city the capital. The Minnesota Territory was established in 1849 and Saint Paul was made its capital. In 1857, the territorial legislature voted to move the capital to Saint Peter. However, Joe Rolette, a legislator, stole the physical text of the approved bill then went into hiding, thus stopping the move. In 1858, Minnesota was admitted to the union as the thirty-second state with Saint Paul as its capital.

You’ll want to check out the St. Paul State capitol building, which was modeled after Saint Peter’s Basilica in Rome but is still an excellent example of American Greek Revival architecture. It is one of the few buildings in the world with an unsupported marble dome.  If you are looking for museums, the Science Museum of Minnesota is a good bet. Also, don’t forget to visit the Ordway Center for the Performing Arts, where you might catch a concert by the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra or go roaming through the city’s many art galleries and unique shops.

Saint Paul shopping is about like any large American city.  But it is right next door to The Mall of America in Bloomington, the largest indoor shopping complex in the United States with hundreds of stores, theme park, large aquarium and more.  If you prefer the atmosphere of city shopping, there is Grand Avenue, west of downtown Saint Paul and between two liberal arts colleges. When one gets hungry there is a good selection of American and international restaurants.  But what makes St Paul stand out is that is extremely vegetarian-friendly, with a large concentration of top quality vegetarian and vegan restaurants.

“Saint Paul has a continental climate typical of the Upper Midwestern United States. Winters are frigid and snowy, while summer is comfortable and warm. At times however, it can be hot and humid. As a consequence of St. Paul’s continental climate it experiences one of the greatest ranges of temperatures on earth. On the Köppen climate classification, Saint Paul falls in the warm summer humid continental climate zone (Dfa). The city experiences a full range of precipitation and related weather events, including snow, sleet, ice, rain, thunderstorms, tornadoes and fog.

“Due to its northerly location in the United States and lack of large bodies of water to moderate the air, Saint Paul is sometimes subjected to cold Arctic air masses, especially during late December, January and February. The average annual temperature of 45.4 °F (7 °C) gives the Minneapolis–Saint Paul metropolitan area the coldest annual mean temperature of any major metropolitan area in the continental U.S.”  – Climate summary from Wikipedia

Saint Paul is served by the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport.  Public transportation is bus, light rail and taxi. Downtown Saint Paul also has a five mile (8 km) enclosed skyway system over twenty-five city blocks.

Saint Paul is a safe city.  Normal precautions apply.

Saint Paul population is 287,151 (2000).  Metro area is 3,502,891 which includes the city of Minneapolis.

1 is the international calling code for the United States.

651 is the area code for Saint Paul.

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