What is Jackson city profile?

Mississippi State Capitol - courtesy szlea - CCc-BY

Mississippi State Capitol - courtesy szlea - CC-BY

Jackson is the capital of Mississippi and the state’s largest city.  Jackson was founded as Parkerville, later known as LeFleur’s Bluff.  The city was later named Jackson after the seventh President of the United States, Andrew Jackson, in recognition for his victory in the Battle of New Orleans. In 1839, Jackson was the site of the passage of the first state law that permitted married women to own their own property.

Jackson is a laid back, quiet city, proud of its landmark Greek Revival capitol building. The reason people choose to visit Jackson is to soak up some southern culture, shop for antiques and explore the city’s distinctive neighborhoods.

While in Jackson, one may want to visit the Old Capitol Museum.  It was originally called the  State House, the Old Capitol building has had three careers in its long history. From 1839 to 1903 it served as the state capitol, between 1917 and 1959 it housed government offices, and from 1961 to the present it has become an award-winning museum enshrining Mississippi’s history.  It is one of the better “state history museums” in the country.  For those touring the Civil War battlefields, or interested in the ecology and of the South, they will have a pleasant stay in Jackson discovering this unprepossessing city, which gives a friendly welcome.

As a pleasant surprise to many visitors, gourmet dining and nightlife sparkle in Jackson. A mix of cultural and ethnic groups provides the city with a truly international cuisine. One can select from Greek, Continental, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, French, Indian, Mexican, Thai, Mexican, Russian, Arab, Persian, and good old Southern cookin’.  Jackson is also a draw for the antiques shopper.  It even has malls dedicated to nothing but antiques.  For example, The High Street Antique Mall features over 60 stores with unique antiques and collectibles and it is not the only antiques mall in town.  Jackson also has the usual large city collection of chain stores and assorted specialty shops.

“Jackson possesses a humid subtropical climate, with hot, humid summers and mild winters. Rain is evenly spread throughout the year, and snow can fall in wintertime, although heavy snowfall is relatively rare. Much of Jackson’s rainfall occurs during thunderstorms. Thunder is heard on roughly 70 days per annum. Jackson lies in a region prone to severe thunderstorms which can produce large hail, damaging winds and tornadoes.” – Climate summary from Wikipedia

Jackson is served by Jackson-Evers International Airport.  Public transportation is bus and taxi.

Jackson population is 156,382 (2008).

1 is the international calling code for the United States.

601 is the area code for Jackson.

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