What is Jefferson City, city profile?

Missouri State Capitol - courtesy jimbowen0306 - CC-BY

Missouri State Capitol - courtesy jimbowen0306 - CC-BY

Jefferson City is the capital of Missouri and was named after Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the United States.  Jefferson City was selected as the new capital in 1821. It was first called Lohman’s Landing. When the legislature decided to relocate there, they suggested the name “Missouriopolis” but later agreed on Jefferson City.

Located in the center of Missouri, Jefferson City is full of historic tradition, lovely landscapes, fine restaurants and attractive shopping centers just wanting to be discovered. You should spend some time in the magnificent Greek Revival Capitol Building and walk through the quaint downtown with its unique specialty shops and restaurants. One may also explore the wineries, parks and a number of museums that make Jefferson City a pleasant place to visit.

The capitol was completed in 1918 and covers three acres in downtown Jefferson City. Inside the Capitol is the Missouri State Museum which has exhibits of outstanding state historical significance.

“Like the rest of the state, Jefferson City is affected by cold air blowing down from Canada, warm, moist air from the Gulf of Mexico, and dry southwestern air. Spring is the rainy season. Snowfall averages 23.5 inches per year and snow is most prevalent from December through February. Like all of Missouri, Jefferson City lies in a region where tornadoes are a danger. Summers can be hot with temperatures sometimes reaching more than 100° F.” – Climate summary from city-data.com

Jefferson City has no major commercial airport and the closest airport with commercial service is Columbia Regional Airport.  It is also not served by Interstate Highway.  There is an Amtrack station.  Public transportation is bus and taxi.

Jefferson City is a safe city.  Normal precautions apply.

Jefferson City population is 40,771 (2008).

1 is the international calling code for the United States.

573 is the area code for Jefferson City.

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