What is a website "easter egg"?

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Easter Egg (photo by fdecomite - CC-BY)

An “easter egg” on a website is extra functionality that is unlocked by an obscure series of steps that are not easily discovered. This kind of virtual “easter egg” is so-named because the hunt to find a way to unlock it is analogous to the traditional easter-time hunt for hidden chocolate easter eggs.

One particular unlocking code, the Konami Code, has become quite widespread, and can be used

to activate easter eggs on many websites.

There's an easter egg on Google that can reveal an insight into your personality. You need to follow a specific set of steps to see it. You can discover your personality type by following these instructions carefully.

  1. Go to google.com (the Google search engine)
  2. Click on “Language Tools” (the link is to the right of the search box and becomes visible when you move your mouse over the page)
  3. Just below the “Translate text” box, change the From Language to Greek, and the To Language to English
  4. Copy and paste the following word into the “Translate text” box: εύπιστος
  5. Click “Translate”

How To Get An Ex Boy Friend Back


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