What if the Presidents of the United States had Ordinal Numbers?

five presidents of the united states

Presidents George II, Barack, George III, William IV and James VI meeting in the Oval Office in 2009 (photo PD)

In the United States, the American Revolution saw the rejection of the rule by the British Government under the monarch George III. The roman numeral 3 after his name is an ordinal number. It indicates that there were two previous kings with the name of George. This system for numbering the English monarchs started after the Norman Conquest. If there is only one monarch by the name, then the ordinal number is not added until another monarch also has the name. Before ordinal numbers, the monarchs had nicknames such as Edward the Confessor and Edgar the Peaceful.

What would happen if the system had not been rejected in the United States and carried on with the Presidents of the United States? I’ll leave it with you to think of suitable nicknames.
George I     1789-1797
John I     1797-1801
Thomas     1801-1809
James I     1809-1817
James II     1817-1825
John II     1825-1829
Andrew I     1829-1837
Martin     1837-1841
William I     1841
John III     1841-1845
James III     1845-1849
Zachary     1849-1850
Millard     1850-1853
Franklin I     1853-1857
James IV     1857-1861
Abraham     1861-1865
Andrew II     1865-1869
Ulysses     1869-1877
Rutherford     1877-1881
James V     1881
Chester     1881-1885
Grover     1885-1889
Benjamin     1889-1893
Grover     1893-1897 (2nd term)
William II     1897-1901
Theodore     1901-1909
William III     1909-1913
Woodrow     1913-1921
Warren     1921-1923
Calvin     1923-1929
Herbert     1929-1933
Franklin II     1933-1945
Harry     1945-1953
Dwight     1953-1961
John IV     1961-1963
Lyndon     1963-1969
Richard     1969-1974
Gerald     1974-1977
James VI     1977-1981
Ronald     1981-1989
George II     1989-1993
William IV     1993-2001
George III     2001-2009
Barack     2009-present

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