What is Concord city profile?

New Hampshire Capitol, Concord - courtesy jimbowen0306 - CC-BY

Concord is the capital of the state of New Hampshire.  The area of Concord was first settled thousands of years ago by Abenaki Indians.   European settlement was about 1727 by people from Haverhill, Massachusetts and on February 9, 1734, the town was incorporated as Rumford.  It was renamed Concord in 1765.  Some of its earliest houses survive at the northern end of Main Street.

Tourism sees Concord not so much as a final destination, but as a base for exploring much of the rest of the state, hiking, skiing, etc, though it does have some attractions of its own such as the Christa McAuliffe Planetarium, Capital Center for the Arts and the Greek Revival style state capitol building itself.  But one may want to start with a visit to the Museum of New Hampshire History where one can learn about the New Hampshire landscape, people, and traditions. From the world-famous Concord Coach, the stagecoach that won the American West, to superb 19th-century White Mountain paintings and rare examples of New Hampshire-made furniture, more than four centuries of Granite State history are held in the award-winning exhibitions.  The city has a large number of restaurants for its size and they range from international gourmet to the usual national chains and just about every taste can be accommodated somewhere.

For shoppers, Concord is considered a “regional” shopping Mecca for central New Hampshire, nothing too special there, but is blessed with a historic downtown which is alive and vibrant.  Unlike the vast number of American small cities, with crumbling and abandoned downtowns, Concord has an enduring tradition of maintaining a strong, healthy, vibrant  downtown with consistently  95 to 99% full occupancy which makes a window shopping stroll along main street an old-fashion delight.

“Concord, as with much of New England, is within the humid continental climate zone (Koppen Dfb), with long, cold, snowy winters, very warm (and at times humid) summers, and relatively brief autumns and springs. In winter, successive storms deliver light to moderate snowfall amounts, contributing to the relatively reliable snow cover. The dampness is compounded by frequent (occurring 20 times per year) plunges to 0 °F (−18 °C) at night, though thaws are frequent, with a few days per winter above 50 °F (10 °C). Summer can bring stretches of humid conditions as well as thunderstorms, but rarely extended periods of 90 °F (32 °C) or above, with 11 days breaching that mark. Freezes begin early (late Sept) and cease late (late May) in the season, and even summer nights are crisp.”  Weather summary from Wikipedia.

Concord is served by The Concord Municipal Airport for local private service and nearby Manchester-Boston Regional Airport for national passenger service with international connections made through Logan International Airport in Boston.  Public transportation is bus and taxi.

Concord population is 42,255 (2008).

1 is the international calling code for the United States

603 is the area code for Concord

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