What is Raleigh city profile?

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Raleigh is the capital of North Carolina and the state’s second largest city.  The site of Raleigh was chosen as the location of a new state capital in 1788 and was officially established in 1792.  Raleigh is one of the few cities in the United States that was expressly designed and built to serve as a state capital.  The city has many houses from this period in the 1800s that are still in good condition.

One may want to begin a Raleigh visit with a Segway tour of downtown and its historic sites.  Now other cities have Segway tours but I have heard from (good secondhand information) that Raleigh’s is one of the best in the country.  There is the North Carolina Museum of Art with rotating exhibits so something new is most always on display.  There are also natural history and science museums and a well known kid’s museum called “Marbles.”  In the city’s excellent park system, one may picnic, hike, go fishing, or just rent a canoe and relax.

The State Capitol is one of the Nation’s most intact examples of a Greek Revival public building.  It is a “National Historic Landmark” and well worth taking the time to tour.

Raleigh is a college town, so there are plenty of places to find a drink. To begin with, Raleigh has over 1,100 restaurants, a decent number for a medium size city and  range from burger and fries to Italian bistros, Pan-Asian delights, Mediterranean wonders and spicy, Jamaican dishes.  Raleigh shopping is mostly centered in a collection of malls and shopping centers. From the major department stores of Triangle Town Center, Crabtree Valley Mall and Cary Towne Center to the exclusive shops and boutiques of Cameron Village and North Hills, you can enjoy some good shopping in many parts of the city.  And for ‘outlet’ lovers, Raleigh has its share of those also.

“Summers are typically warm to hot. Winters are mild and wet with highs generally in the range of 47–53 °F (8–12 °C) with lows around or just below freezing, although an occasional 60 °F (16 °C) or warmer winter day is not uncommon. Lows may also fall into the 15-20 °F (-9 to -7 °C) range, but rarely any further. The record low temperature recorded at the RDU Airport is −9 °F (−23 °C) set in January 1985. Spring and autumn features warm days and cool nights. Summer daytime highs average in the upper 80s to low 90s °F (31-34 °C) with warm and humid nights in the upper 60s (19-21 °C). Temperatures can reach 100 °F (38 °C). The region’s rainiest months are January and March with the driest months being April and November. “  Weather summary from Wikipedia.   For more information about temperature conversions from Fahrenheit to Celsius, read degrees Fahrenheit.

Raleigh is served by Raleigh-Durham International Airport.  Public transportation is bus, a historic trolley line and taxi.  North Carolina State University also operates its own transit system, the Wolfline, that provides zero-fare bus service to the general public along routes serving the university’s campuses in southwest Raleigh.

Raleigh is considered a ‘rather’ safe city for its size, but one may want to stay to the busy and well lighted parts of downtown and avoid the neighborhoods immediately south or east of downtown after dark.

Raleigh population is 405,791 (2009).

1 is the international calling code for the United States.

919 is the area code for Raleigh.

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