How Can I Get Free Magazines?

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It’s very easy to get free magazines, as long as you’re not too choosy. But even if there’s a particular magazine that you’d like to have a free subscription for, you may be able to make it happen.

One of my favorite search tools on the internet, Google Books, has tons of online magazines available. Just use their advanced search feature to select magazines-only in your search results. Among the diverse collection of free magazines available are New York, CIO Magazine, Vacations, Ebony, Log Home Living, Kiplinger’s Finance and one of my personal favorites, Ancestry Magazine.

There are some interesting magazine archives at XooxleAnswers, including Atlantic Monthy, The Nation, and Harper’s Weekly.

And if you prefer your magazines the

old-fashioned way — on paper — you can find free subscriptions to industry magazines, including computer magazines and business magazines.

There are also sites that claim to offer free subscriptions to major magazines like Sports Illustrated, Maxim, and PC Magazine, but I haven’t tried these myself so can’t vouch for them. But search on free magazines, and you’ll find plenty of offers.

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