How Can We Get a Grant for a Women's Sports Program?

US Women's Volleyball Team

Grants are available for a wide variety of women’s sports programs (photo: US Army CC-BY)

The federal government gives away hundreds of billions of dollars in grant programs every year and discount propecia rx you’d better believe that some of those dollars go toward building athletic programs for kids, adults, men and women.

Very little of this federal largess goes to individuals, so the very first thing you need to do if you want to apply for a grant for a women’s sports program is to figure out your affiliations. A connection with a university or college, community group or civic organization, or a state or local government is exactly the sort of affiliation that enhances your eligibility for a grant.

Once you’ve got your connections worked out, head over to and start exploring.

Try a keyword search, for starters. Actually, try several searches, varying your terms each time. “Women’s sports” might be your first search, followed by “college athletics” or “girls swimming” or “women’s softball” or whatever terms make sense for the women’s sports program you want to support.

You can also use the search tools at to search by eligibility, agency giving the grant, type of funding program or all of the above. Spend some time at the site, as its the central source for all of the U.S. government’s grant-making activities.

If you find something that looks promising, then go ahead and register at, a necessary step before you can submit a grant application.

If nothing show up on your first visit, check in every few months. There is a constant stream of new funding opportunities from the feds, so it pays to bookmark the site and become a regular visitor.

And don’t forget…I’d like two tickets to the softball championships, please.

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  • Larry says:

    A US guest at my rowing club explained that the great increase in women’s rowing [probably in other traditionally male sports] related to the greater availability of government grants if the the request was for women’s participation.

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