What cricket jokes are circulating at the expense of the Aussies?

Rusty wicket (photo by Dan Zen - CC-BY)

The Australian cricketers performed rather poorly in the 2010-11 Ashes Series against the English. Bear in mind that England has a population almost three times that of Australia.

Not surprisingly a raft of jokes is now circulating at the expense of the Aussie cricketers. A regular Quezi reader, Probo, has made sure that we are acquainted with these. For some reason, these jokes seem to be almost the same as traditional English Cricket Jokes.

  • What is the main function of the Australian coach?
    To transport the team from the hotel to the ground
  • What do you call an Australian with a champagne bottle in his hand?
    A waiter
  • Who spends the most time on the crease?
    The woman who irons the Australian team’s cricket whites
  • Why don’t Aussie fielders need travel injections?
    Because they never catch anything
  • What do Aussie batsmen and drug¬†addicts have in common?
    They spend most of their time wondering where their next score will come from
  • What is the most proficient footwork displayed by Australian batsmen?
    The walk back to the pavilion
  • What did the spectator miss when he¬†went to the toilet?
    The entire Australian innings.
  • What is the definition of optimism?
    An Aussie batsman putting on sunscreen before going out to bat.
  • What’s the difference between and Aussie batsman and a formula 1 car?
    Nothing! If you blink you’ll miss both.

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