How can I find out if someone is Bankrupt?

Spare some change? (photo by René Ehrhardt CC-BY)

Spare some change? (photo by René Ehrhardt CC-BY)

In the UK this information is available to the public. It is free in England and Wales, but Northern Ireland and Scotland requires payment.

Information on those subject to bankruptcy orders and bankruptcy restrictions orders in England and Wales are found on the Individual Insolvency Register which is controlled by The Insolvency Service.

You can access it on their website, or by written application, or by visiting a local Official Receiver’s office. Details of the latter two can also be found on their website.

On their website look for the link ‘Bankruptcy/IVA search’. You can search by Name and Trading Name. It is not necessary to know which Official Receiver’s office is dealing with the individual as the search allows you to access all offices in England and Wales

Northern Ireland’s online DETI Insolvency Service maintains the IVA Register with free access, while Northern Ireland Court Service maintains The Bankruptcy and Liquidation Register. Payment required. Both accessible on the above link.

In Scotland, the Accountant in Bankruptcy requires payment for access.

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