What is the world's most expensive pizza?

The world’s most expensive pizza (photo by Laszlo, used with permission)

At one time, the world’s most expensive pizza was a truffle pizza served by the Maze Restaurant in London for £100 ($150).

That wasn’t expensive enough, so Nino’s Bellissima Pizza in New York created a caviar pizza for $1000, or roughly $30 per bite.

Even more expensive was a single £2150 ($3225) pizza created by Glasgow restaurateur Domenico Crolla for a charity auction. It was topped with luxury items such as lobster marinated in cognac, then covered with a generous sprinkling of edible gold.

I think an even more expensive pizza would have been the promotional pizza created by the Johannesburg Pick’n’Pay supermarket. It was 37.4 meters (122 ft) in diameter, and its 800kg of cheese, 500kg of flour and 900kg of tomato puree

would surely have cost more than Domenico Crolla’s pizza.

But these pale into insignificance compared to a couple of pizzas bought by Laszlo, a member of the Bitcoin forum. In May 2010, Laszlo wanted to demonstrate how bitcoins could be used for real-world commerce, and offered 10,000 bitcoins for two home-delivered pizzas. Another enterprising Bitcoin user, Jercos, arranged the delivery on 21 May and received the payment.

In May 2010, ten thousand bitcoins were trading for $41. A year later, on 21 May 2011, bitcoins were trading for $5.77 each, meaning that if Laszlo hadn’t ordered the pizzas he would be $57,700 richer. That’s an expensive couple of pizzas!

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  • Ray says:

    To be fair, this transaction is often credited with helping jumpstart the Bitcoin economy. If Lazslo hadn’t made the trade, those 10,000 bitcoins might not have been worth $57,700 a year later.

  • eiffel says:

    I agree.

    Also, you can buy a pizza today for a couple of bitcoins, but maybe in ten years this will seem unbelieveable because pizzas will then cost 0.001 bitcoins each.

  • Nelson says:

    Almost a million USD now.

    I bet there is some guy who mined a bunch of coins and just dropped them on a USB stick, lost it, and figured to hell with it. There’s probably a USB stick hidden in someone’s couch right now that could potentially turn them into a multimillionaire.

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