Would you trade IQ points for a hot body image?

Beauty and brains (photo by A_of_DooM - CC-BY)

GEWIS, a German social research organization, conducts weekly surveys of the German population. For a fee, GEWIS will add other people’s questions to their survey. Earlier this month, the Frankfurter Neue Press commissioned GEWIS to ask women whether they would trade some of their intelligence for a hotter body.

According to this survey, a massive 65% of German women would give up ten points of their IQ in return for body improvements. The women wanted to exchange their brainpower for:

  • a slimmer figure,
  • a less wrinkled forehead, and
  • bigger breasts

One could argue that any woman who would give up her intelligence for these changes must already be of below-average intelligence, yet that is not possible. Only 50% of the population are below median intelligence, by definition.

Humans are diverse, so there must also be women who would give up some of their IQ in exchange for a fuller figure, or smaller breasts. However, I doubt that there are many who are actively seeking a more wrinkled forehead.

I would like to think that there are also plenty of women who would choose

to swap in the other direction. Perhaps they would be prepared to accept some extra body fat, or less appealing breasts, or a few more forehead wrinkles, in exchange for an increased IQ. However, I’m not going to pay my hard-earned money to GEWIS in order to find out!


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