Why is there so much meaningless nonsense on the internet?

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The rise of meaningless garbage on the internet has worsened since the cloud-based ecosystem of the blogosphere went viral.  This distributed user-generated troll-platform is plug-compatible with e-chatter and cyber-empowerment.  The poster-child innovation capability is now hard-wired into six-sigma concurrent sessions at webinar workgroups.

The stuff and widgets of the information superhighway platform are like a gold-plated HDMI with its over-promised and under-delivered bitcoin-enabled Facebook integration. Going forward, the buy-in to the failsafe high-capacity emerging fault-tolerant geographic sysadmin capacity of the typical startup is a deal-breaker for the synergy price-point. With the kinetic standards and x86 64-bit Firefox XHTML webcasts of the intertubes, the dynamic liveware of social Wi-Fi 2.0 has googled the quantum webcasts of the impactful hypervisor.

If the God particle hadn’t been discovered by leet crowdsourcing within the twitterverse, management would have literally invested into it as a green enterprise system turnkey solution providing enhanced vendor lock-in with hard-coded 3.5G Dilbert troll bits.

Epic fail. Proprietary facepalm! Citation needed.

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