What Australian questions were asked at GA and Uclue?

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Many interesting questions about Australia were asked and answered at the now-defunct Google Answers service, and are still being asked at Uclue.

Questions about Australia from Uclue

Research on the NGO sector – Australia
What they do, what they buy, how they are organized

Australian sport information
Attendances, prices, broadcasting, fitness…

Australian reporter “embedded” with North Korean troops circa 1951
Wilfred Burchett – he was in the news a lot during the 1960s.

Could I be successful selling hotdogs in Melbourne, Australia?
We think the potential is there.

Average life of cars by country
Australia is 15 years. It’s less in Europe, and around 20 years in India.

List of English speaking nations
Australia is on the list, so I guess Australian counts as English!

Questions about Australia from Google Answers

Mortar washing a brick surface
“Brick bagging” is a popular house finish in many parts of Australia

Accessing archives from 1998
For the Newcastle Herald, and looking for photos of Nicole Wilkinson

Patent haven
The Australian “Innovation Patent” is indeed innovative.

Scuba diving sites in Australia
Pointers to the best places to scuba dive, in every state.

How to phone Australia
How to call from the United States or other countries.

Surnames in Australia
A list of five thousand surnames found in Australia.

Latinos in Australia (specifically Western Australia)
There were only 4400 in Western Australia, but their culture is well-documented.

Searching for company in Australia
Who would think there’d be a company called Binads & Meterads Pty Ltd?

Health risks related to ozone hole in Australia
Even without the ozone hole, you need to watch out for that UV radiation.

When did Australia’s population begin to increase rapidly?
It turns out that the 1950s had the highest rate of growth.

Buy red wine online from and to Australia
There’s plenty of red and white stuff sold online in Australia.

Classifieds websites in Australia
There are lots, some independent and some operated by newspapers

Interest rates in Australia
Historical rates, and how interest rate policy is implemented

Bracken weed removal and control in Tasmania
I suppose it works much the same in other states too.

Dual citizenship between USA and Australia
Since 2002, Australia allows its citizens to hold dual citizenship.

Australian company information
Human Resources companies with over 200 employees.

Pre-made baby’s milk in cartons in Sydney
I wonder if this question was from the famous Bill Bryson?

This list was originally posted to Google Knol.

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