Who died in 2008?

A Vision of the Web in 2008 (poster by Paul Downey - CC-BY)

These prominent people died in 2008:

January 2008

  • 11th: Edmund Hillary, 88 (mountaineer)
  • 17th: Bobby Fischer, 64 (chess champion)

March 2008

  • 19th: Arthur C Clarke, 90 (science fiction author)
  • 23rd: Neil Aspinall, 66 (Beatles’ manager)

April 2008

  • 5th: Charlton Heston, 84 (actor)

May 2008

  • 24th: Dick Martin, 86 (entertainer)

June 2008

  • 1st: Yves St Laurent, 71 (fashion designer)
  • 2nd: Bo Diddley, 79 (musician)
  • 22nd: George Carlin, 71 (actor and comedian)

July 2008

  • 6th: Bob Ackles, 69 (footballer)
  • 25th: Randy Pausch, 47 (inspirational professor)

August 2008

  • 3rd: Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, 89 (dissident novelist)
  • 9th: Bernie Mac, 50 (comedian)

September 2008

  • 1st: Don LaFontaine, 68 (actor)
  • 26th: Paul Newman, 83 (actor)

October 2008

  • 11th: Jorg Haider, 58 (Austrian politician)
  • 17th: Levi Stubbs, 72 (lead singer of the Four Tops)
  • 25th: Anne Pressly, 26 (newsreader)

November 2008

  • 1st: Jacques Piccard, 86 (ocean explorer)

December 2008

  • 18th: W. Mark Felt, 95 (Watergate Deep Throat)

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