How does a toasted ice cream sandwich work?

Toaster sculpture (photo by romulusnr - CC-BY)

Toaster sculpture (photo by romulusnr - CC-BY)

Not many things sound less likely than a toasted ice cream sandwich, yet it’s a simple and delicious treat! You can make it with white bread or wholemeal bread.

Toast two thick slices of bread to a golden brown. Try to avoid burnt edges. Cut a thin slice of ice cream the same size as the bread, and three to five millimeters thick (roughly one-eighth to one-quarter of an inch).

Place the ice cream between the two slices of toast and eat it straight away.

You would think there’s a hurry to eat it before the warmth of the toast melts the ice cream, but that’s not as big a factor as you might expect. The toast gets hot, i.e. it gets to a high temperature, but it’s mostly air and doesn’t hold a lot of heat. The ice cream, on the other hand, holds a lot of “coolth” and it would take much more heat to make it drip.

The toast is also a great insulator (again, because it’s largely air). This means that the outside of the sandwich will still be hot (provided you start eating it as soon as it is ready). It’s the delightful combination of hot toast and cold ice cream in the same mouthful which makes this so delicious. And the ice cream provides the fat, so you don’t need butter or margarine, and it couldn’t be simpler to make.

You could use chocolate ice cream, or some other flavor of ice cream, but it isn’t really necessary. Vanilla ice cream on white or brown toast is all you need.

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