Where can I find information on a company in Ireland?

Monument of Light, Dublin (photo by Daveybot CC-BY)

Monument of Light, Dublin (photo by Daveybot CC-BY)

If you are thinking of conducting business in the Republic of Ireland, you may need to check out your potential customers, or if entering into partnership or other business with them, their previous commercial experience.

In the Republic of Ireland the Companies Registration Office houses the Register of Companies and Business Names (An Oifig um Chlárú Cuideachtaí).

As its name implies, it is responsible for the registration of companies and the filing of company returns in the Republic of Ireland. These returns include directors’ details, company accounts, annual returns, and their registered office (this is not always their trading address). A registered company is a separate legal entity, normally indicated by the words or letters Limited or Ltd after the name. A business name is a trading name of individuals or partners who do not use their own names for their business. It is not a separate legal entity.

The index is available online and you can search by company name, business name, address, and company number.

A positive response will provide brief information on the company such confirmation of number, name and address. For EURO 3.50 a more detailed report on the company’s name and previous name, registered office, company type, incorporation and annual return details, charges secured against it, directors and secretary is supplied. Individual company filings can also be purchased .

If the company has its shares traded publicly on the Irish Stock Exchange, then some of this information may be available for free on the Irish Stock Exchange website.

Republic of Ireland Companies Registration Office.

For Northern Ireland see How can I find out who are directors of a UK company?

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