What technologies does Quezi use?

Technologies then and now (image by iLoveButter - CC-BY)

Technologies then and now (image by iLoveButter - CC-BY)

The tools and technolgies used at Quezi are primarily open source software products. The web pages are delivered by the Apache webserver, running on Fedora Linux. The content is generated from a MySQL database using the PHP hypertext processor. The site usually validates as XHTML and is styled with CSS. We use Trac bugtracking, Subversion versioning, and the primary internet connection is from Demon Internet.

Software development uses Kate, the KDE Advanced Text Editor. Content is managed by WordPress running a modified Aeros theme developed by Joe Fischler (the Buckmaker). WordPress plugins include Akismet (for our first line of defense in spam filtering), Cimy User Extra Fields, Google XML Sitemaps, WordPress Related Posts, WP-PostViews, Thumbnail For Excerpts, and our custom-written AdSense plugin.

Statistics are generated by Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools. Quezi’s researchers collaborate using phpBB. They compose their posts using a wide range of tools including Emacs, Gedit, MS Works, Metapad, Word, Notepad, Open Office, and of course tinyMCE that comes with WordPress. Images are edited using Gimp, Paintshop Pro, Photoshop and other packages.

Our domain names are registered with Dotster, and DNS is provided by ZoneEdit, with whom we are very pleased.

Many of the wonderful photos with which we illustrate our articles come from those Flickr photographers who allow their work to be reused with the Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) license. We also draw on material from Wikimedia Commons and other sources. Thanks so much to the talented and generous photographers! Some images are in affiliation with AllPosters.com, who can sell you posters or framed prints of the images.

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