Where can I find details of a company in the Czech Republic?

'Dancing House', Prague (Photo by dezidor CC-BY)

'Dancing House', Prague (Photo by dezidor CC-BY)

If you are thinking of conducting business in Czech Republic, you may need to check out your potential customers, or if entering into partnership or other business with them, their previous commercial experience or involvement in bankruptcy.

The Registers of Economic Subjects and Entities (Administrativní registr ekonomických subjektu) can be found on part of the website of the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic. It provides information from a number of different types of registers held by the state administration. It is a single point of access known as ARES – Access to Registers of Economic Subjects / Entities.

The website is in English and Czech. It is free to search.

The registers include: Commercial Register (CR), The Trade Register (TR), Register of Economic Entities (RES), Vat Payers (VAT), and Register of Bankrupts (BR). It is important to note the various abbreviations used as these appear on the search results. A complete list of all the registers and abbreviations appear on the website under the Description link.

For legal cases, the information is supplied with the proviso that it cannot be used as evidential documents for legal proceedings. The advice of a competent lawyer in the Czech Republic is advised to take the matter further.

The registers may be searched for economic entities – Companies or Persons e.g. directors, shareholders and administrators.

The business name search requires minimal information, but the results can be narrowed down by supplying address, registration number, or if the company is active or defunct.

A search results will respond with the company name and address. Clicking on the abbreviations as described above will provide information from those registers. Abbreviations will not appear on each and every occasion. It depends if a particular register contains the information.

Examples of the type of information supplied:
CR – Incorporation details, address, directors and shareholders and their shareholding
RES – Classification of economic activities. Code number and description
VAT: VAT payer information and number

Similar information is supplied on a person’s name search.

Financial information is not supplied.

ARES Access to Registers of Economic Subjects / Entities

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