What is Dublin, Ireland city profile?

Dublin - courtesy ooOJasonOoo - CC-BY

Dublin - courtesy ooOJasonOoo - CC-BY

Dublin is the capital of Ireland and the country’s largest city.

The settlement of ‘Dubh Linn’ dates back to the first century BC and later a monastery was built there. The area was first inhabited by Celtic people, before the Vikings arrived and took control. Over time, the two groups mixed and established a strong trading port and the beginnings of a settlement.  The town itself was established about 841. In 1922, following the partition of Ireland, Dublin was the capital of the Irish Free State (1922–1949). Now it is the capital of the Republic of Ireland.

The city sprawls around Dublin Bay, with the River Liffey splitting it into two parts. Dublin allows one to explore both the historical and the hip, with castles and churches close to cafes and clubs, all set against a backdrop of scenic coastline. Dublin is steeped in culture and history where a mix of old and modern architecture provides a backdrop to a city that boasts literary giants such as Joyce, Beckett, Swift and Wilde as native sons. Dublin is a favorite destination with a strong art and literary culture, and streets bursting with pubs, restaurants, theaters, and other activities.  There are also great museums and shopping venues.  Most of the city’s main attractions, including shopping, are found south of the river. With its cathedrals, pub crawls, art galleries, antique stores, monuments, and more, the city of Dublin is a true gem.

Dublin is served by Dublin Airport.  Public transportation is by bus and taxi.  There is a Dublin Rapid Transit System but the routes of the trains are not that extensive.

Dublin has a maritime temperate climate with mild winters, cool summers, along with a lack of temperature extremes in any season, and with moderate rainfall.

+353 is the international dialing code for Ireland
1 is the area code for Dublin

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