Where can I find information on a company in Jersey?

Mont Orgueil, Jersey (Photo by Luc Van Braekel CC-BY)

Mont Orgueil, Jersey (Photo by Luc Van Braekel CC-BY)

Jersey is an important off-shore banking and finance centre. If you are thinking of conducting business in Jersey, either incorporating a new company there, or you need to check out your potential customer or business partner and their previous commercial experience, then the Jersey Company Registry is the place to start.

On Jersey, the Director of the Register of Companies is also the Director of the Jersey Financial Services Commission. The Register of Companies has recent undergone a number of changes to improve accessibility and openness which has resulted in the register now being available online.

The main applicable legislation for companies is the Companies (Jersey) Law 1991, Limited Liability Partnerships (Jersey) Law 1997, Limited Partnerships (Jersey) Law 1994 and Registration of Business Names (Jersey) Law 1956.

The registry can be searched for details of company incorporated in Jersey. Or if you are forming a company, or maintaining a company record, you can file a number of documents online: including annual returns, company name reservations, and change of registered address.

Searching the register is straightforward and registration is not required until you need to purchase a copy of a document. Searches can be carried by company name or registration number. There are a number of different types of corporate entities on Jersey, and the search page sets out abbreviations for them.

Limited information is supplied in the search response: name, registered office, registration date, active or dissolved. Further information can be obtained by purchasing copies of filed documents including: annual returns, foundation documents (inc. certificate of incorporation) and dissolution notice.

If you believe that because of its business activities the company may be regulated by a financial regulator e.g. a bank, then the Jersey Financial Services Commission has a list of Regulated Entities which it supervises.

JFSC Company Registry

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