What free services does Google provide (besides search)?

Google Bus (photo by bradleypjohnson - CC-BY)

Google Bus (photo by bradleypjohnson - CC-BY)

Everyone knows that Google is a search engine, but many people are unaware of just how many other free services are offered by Google. For some people, Google’s web services can completely replace the application software installed on their computer.

Here are some of the things that Google can do for you, at no cost:

  • Search for web pages in English
  • Search for web pages in other languages
  • Search for web pages from specified countries
  • Set up a personal web portal with widgets of your choosing
  • Publish as many blogs as you like, and earn money from the ads
  • Host your photos online
  • Translate web pages from one language to another
  • Translate any text from one language to another
  • Host your videos online
  • Search for videos hosted by Google and elsewhere
  • Search for content with freely-licensed usage rights
  • Search for web pages published in the past
  • Use the search box like a calculator
  • Use the search box to convert units of measurement
  • Use the search box for currency conversions
  • Set up a custom search engine for sites that are of interest to you
  • Annotate search results with shareable comments
  • Get weather forecasts
  • View maps of just about anywhere in the world
  • Browse aerial photos of the landscape
  • Fly through a virtual representation of the earth
  • Write articles for Knol, and earn money from the ads
  • See dictionary definitions and encyclopedia entries for search terms
  • Search for images
  • Design a house including components from Google’s 3D Warehouse
  • View street-level photos for many of the earth’s cities
  • See photos and links to Wikipedia superimposed on maps
  • Use the Gmail web email service, with generous storage limits
  • Search for products and compare prices
  • Read and post to Usenet newsgroups and Google’s own Groups
  • Search for books, and read many of them online
  • Search for research papers and follow their citations
  • See stockmarket information and financial information
  • Set up a multi-page website on Google-hosted servers
  • Maintain calendars and “to do” lists
  • View the surface of the moon at close range
  • View the surface of Mars at close range
  • “Fly” around the earth with Google Earth Flight Simulator
  • “Fly” through a simulation of space
  • Read an aggregation of RSS feeds
  • Keep up with the latest news from mainstream media sites
  • Search through the blogosphere
  • Receive email alerts whenever new web pages contain content of interest to you
  • Use the Chrome browser, built for speed, stability and security
  • Search files on your own computer
  • Browse the DMOZ directories, sorted by PageRank
  • Get directions from A to B via foot, car, bus or train
  • Clip and collect information into a notebook as you surf the web
  • Use mobile versions of many services from your phone, including voice search
  • Search inside public source code for thousands of software packages
  • Host your own software development at Google Code
  • Display Google-hosted charts and maps on your own website
  • Add Google search to your own website and earn money from the ads
  • Join the Orkut social network
  • Chat to your friends using Google’s instant messaging
  • Create, store and share word processor documents
  • Create, store and share presentations
  • Create, store and share spreadsheets
  • Create, store and share drawings

Apart from that, Google’s not much use for anything.

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