Do animals other than humans masturbate?

(image by aliarasiii - CC-BY)

(image by aliarasiii - CC-BY)

Masturbation is common in many non-human species. In particular, male and female masturbation is widespread amongst mammals and birds.

Masturbation has been observed in dogs, horses, porcupines, cats, chimpanzees, gorillas, bears, goats, ferrets, hyenas, lions, bats, walruses, baboons, bonobos, sheep, deer, zebras and many other species. There are numerous variations in technique, and both males and females have been observed to masturbate, sometimes using sticks or stones as “sex toys”.

In the past, it would have been necessary to consult the research literature to answer this question. More recently, it’s possible to consult wikipedia.

But now, a clear answer to the question is obvious from a simple search on YouTube where there are numerous videos posted.

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