What is Vilnius city profile?

Old Vilnius - courtesy Jurijus Azanovas - CC-BY

Old Vilnius - courtesy Jurijus Azanovas - CC-BY

Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania and the country’s largest city.

The city was first mentioned in 1323, when Letters from Grand Duke Gediminas were sent inviting Germans and members of the Jewish community to settle in the capital city. These letters contain the first reference to Vilnius as the capital. When the Soviet Union finally recognized Lithuanian independence in 1991 the city remained the capital.

Vilnius has been changed and the town has emerged as a modern European city. It is now a cosmopolitan city with a variety of architecture. There are museums, cathedrals, castles and much more for the history buff as well as a new and modern business district. The historical center of Vilnius, its old city, is among the largest in Eastern Europe. In 1994, the old city, was included on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Cities. Vilnius is also one of the most stylish cities of Europe. New shopping centers were built and you can find offerings from the world’s main design houses. The city has a rich culinary tradition. Sampling the local classics is a must but decent French and Italian cuisines can also be enjoyed. It is very easy to understand why Vilnius is the the European Capital of Culture for 2009.

Vilnius is a safe place but like anywhere you have to use common sense.

The climate of Vilnius is considered Humid Continental. In January the average temperature is −4.9 C (23 F), in July it is 17.0 C (62.6 F).

Vilnius is served by Vilnius International Airport.  Public transportation is bus, trolley, taxi and private bus.

Vilnius population is 544,206 (2008).

+370 is the international calling code for Lithuania
52 is the area code for Vilnius

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