Where can I comment on the proposed sites for nuclear power stations in the UK?

Dungeness Nature Reserve and possible site for another nuclear power station (photo by John Wigham CC-BY)

Dungeness Nature Reserve and possible site for another nuclear power station (photo by John Wigham CC-BY)

The UK Government’s Nuclear White Paper has outlined how nuclear power will form part of the UK’s future energy supplies. As part of the process to implement that plan, the Government are undertaking a Strategic Siting Assessment to identify potential sites for the building of the new nuclear power stations. Part of the process includes an opportunity for the public to make comments on the proposed sites.

Eleven sites have been nominated by companies which are interested in building the power stations. These nominations have passed the initial assessment criteria.

The nominated sites are in England and Wales, and apart from the Government’s assessment process (including public consultation), planning permission will still have to applied for. There are no sites in Scotland and Northern Ireland as planning permission is a issue for the devolved local parliaments, and in any event, the Scottish Parliament is against the building of any new atomic power stations.

The sites proposed are below. Nine of the sites have, or have previously had, power stations on the site or nearby. At present there are ten nuclear power stations across England, Scotland and Wales, which provide approximately 15% of the electricity consumed in the UK.

Bradwell, Essex
Braystones, Cumbria
Dungeness, Kent
Hartlepool, Durham
Heysham, Lancashire
Hinkley Point, Somerset
Kirksanton, Cumbria
Oldbury, Gloucestershire
Sellafield, Cumbria
Sizewell, Suffolk
Wylfa, Anglesey

How do I make my comment? The Government has allowed from the 15th April to 14th May for public consultation. Go to Nuclear Power Siting (part of the Department of Energy and Climate Change’s website). Click on The Nominated Sites link and navigate to the site you wish to comment about. Or in person, visit the local council for the area for the comment forms.

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