What is St. John’s city profile?

City of St. John's - courtesy forester401 - CC-BY

City of St. John's - courtesy forester401 - CC-BY

St. John’s is the capital of Newfoundland and Labrador and the province’ largest metropolitan area.

St. John’s is the oldest English settlement in North America with the first permanent European settlers arrived at St. John’s in 1605.

St John’s is on the eastern edge of the Avalon Peninsula, the most easterly part of North America. When one visits St. John’s they will find a happy blend of past present and future. Spectacular coastlines with panoramic views, outdoor adventure and a rich history are found by all who visit there. It’s still relatively new on the tourism trail and as yet undiscovered by vacationers. A must see is the Cabot Tower at Signal Hill National Historic Site. Along the beach you will find weathered boats, wharves and sheds on stilts. Whale watching and boat tours are also available. You can visit a museum, lots of parks and greenspace, and enough activities and sports to keep anybody busy.

A number of downtown shops advertise “traditional Newfoundland and Labrador crafts” and the quality ranges from very high to tourist schlock. There are also malls and independent stores where stylish goods from around the world may be found. When visiting St. John’s, many people get the impression that all they will be eating is cod, cod, and yes, some more cod.  However there are many quality restaurants in the city that offer cuisine from around the world.  But the local seafood menu should not be ignored.

Average highs and lows are 20 C (68 F) – 10 C (50 F) in July and -1 C (30 F) – 8 C (17 F) in January.

St. John’s is served by St. John’s International Airport. Public transportation is bus and taxi.

St. John’s population is 100,646 (2006).

1 is the international calling code for Canada
709 is the area code for St. John’s

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