What is Charlottetown city profile?

Horse Drawn Tours - courtesy Smudge 9000 - CC-BY

Horse Drawn Tours - courtesy Smudge 9000 - CC-BY

Charlottetown is the capital of Prince Edward Island and the province’s largest city.

Charlottetown was made the colonial capital of St. John’s Island in 1765. In 1798, St. John’s Island was renamed Prince Edward Island.

Get out in some of the cleanest air in Canada. Take a stroll on National Historic Great George Street. In fact, one should stroll through most of the the city to see and feel a sense of pride in the streets and parks. A sense of history will envelope you as you stroll the streets of Charlottetown, the birthplace of Canada’s confederation. On July 1st, Canada  Day, Charlottetown celebrates the Festival of Lights which has become the biggest Canadian birthday party east of Ottawa. And for seafood lovers, each Fall, shellfish is highlighted at the PEI International Shellfish Festival, a celebration of the Islands Malpeque oysters, Atlantic lobster and Island Blue mussels. Charlottetown is also home to a network of walking trails and boardwalks, craft and specialty shops and restaurants that feature Island seafood and produce. And don’t forget Founders’ Hall, Canada’s Birthplace Pavilion a new heritage attraction and retail boutique that tells the story of Canada from its inception in 1864 up until modern day. Founders’ Hall is located in a restored 1906 building on the Historic Charlottetown Waterfront.

Charlottetown has excellent shopping, including several quaint shopping districts, over twenty malls and shopping centers. The city alsohas several flea markets and a number of farmers’ markets. As for dining there is always the great sea-food (why would anybody want anything else?), but if sea-food is not for you there is also a good selection of other restaurants featuring international menus.

In January, the average high temperature is -3 C (27 F).  In July and August, high temperatures average 23 C (73 F).

Charlottetown is served by Charlottetown Airport. Public transportation is bus and taxi, mostly taxi.

Charlottetown population is 32,174 (2006).

1 is the international calling code for Canada
902 is the area code for Charlottetown.

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