What is Regina city profile?

Regina Legislative Building - courtesy marbla123 - CC-BY

Regina Legislative Building - courtesy marbla123 - CC-BY

Regina is the capital of Saskatchewan, Canada and the province’s second largest city.

Regina’s history can be traced back to when it was known as “Pile o’bones” because of the large number of buffalo bones found there. In 1882 it was renamed Regina in honor of Queen Victoria. Regina was incorporated as a city in June 1903 and was proclaimed the capital of the province of Saskatchewan in 1906. Regina’s lush greenery in the middle of treeless plains is entirely man made, with over 350,000 hand planted trees and shrubs.

Regina may seem a rather boring place to visit but that’s far from the truth. Regina has more parks and greenspace per capita than any major city in Canada. Wascana Centre is a huge 2300 acre park that is built around the shores of Wascana Lake, a man made lake in the heart of Regina. There is the Downtown Ice & Fire Winter Carnival. Activities include snow sculptures in Victoria Park, evening lantern processions and a masquerade ball. And Buffalo Days.The biggest summer fair in the province, featuring something for all ages with free entertainment, food, midway, exhibits, parade, pancake breakfast, Equifest, and more.

Regina is a great shopping destination, from large shopping centers, to unique boutiques and big box stores, Regina will satisfy your urge to splurge. The Old Warehouse District is home to over 600 businesses including some of the coolest specialty furniture spots, antique and clothing stores. Dining in Regina can be an unforgettable experience. Regina offers a variety of flavors from award winning chefs. International fusion, continental classics, and prairie favorites are some of the many different tastes of Regina. With close to 400 restaurants from which to choose, you’re sure to find whatever pleases you. There is also a surprisingly lively nightlife.

Regina is a safe place to visit and most people are generally friendly.

Regina has a semi-arid climate with warm summers and cold, dry winters. The average high temperature for January is -10.1 C (14 F) and for July is 25.8 (78 F).

Regina is served by Regina International Airport. Public transportation is bus and taxi.

Regina population is 179,246 (2006).

+1 is the international calling code for Canada
306 is the area code for Regina

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