What is Adelaide city profile?

Adelaide along River Torrens - courtesy o b s k u r a - CC-BY

Adelaide along River Torrens - courtesy o b s k u r a - CC-BY

Adelaide is the capital of the Australian state of South Australia, and is Australia’s fifth largest city.

Adelaide was founded in 1836 as the capital for the only freely-settled British province in Australia.

The wide streets, city squares and green areas make Adelaide an interesting city to explore. It is not possible to provide a complete list the many events that happen in Adelaide each year in this article, so I’ll just mention one. The Royal Adelaide Show is South Australia’s largest annual event  with a wealth of entertainment ranging from carnival rides to exquisite handicrafts, cookery and a wide variety of champion livestock, animals, wood chopping and a variety of ring events like the Grand Parade during the days and into the night. There are also fireworks every night. The rest of the year there are other major events, spanning the cultured and knowledgable, artistic and culinary, gasoline-burning and sports crazed.  In the downtown is a year-round free attraction, the Adelaide Botanic Gardens are are a worthwhile visit and a great place to relax.

Adelaide has a wide range of excellent restaurants (while not quite as cosmopolitan as Australia’s Big 4 cities, excellent local wines make up for the lack of international menu variety). You may BYOB in some restaurants and let them pour it for you. You will still find a selection of Asian, Italian and seafood restaurants as well as upscale French and Argentinian eateries, and of course Adelaide is the home of the Pie Floater. For shoppers, Rundle Mall is where most of the major shops can be found. It is Adelaide’s largest shopping precinct, pedestrian only, and with over 500 retail outlets among its 13 arcades. And don’t forget to pick up a few bottles of South Australian wine.  Most of the vinyards are within a few miles of Adelaide.

Adelaide is not quite as safe as many other Australian cities. This year (2009) there have been many violent incidents and disturbances in the northern suburb of Davoren Park  It would be advisible to not travel alone at night in this or surrounding suburbs. In Adelaide, car theft and break-ins are a problem. Do not leave valuables in view at any time even for a few minutes if you are not with the car.  There has also been a recent surge in carjackings.

The city has mild, wet winters and hot, dry summers. In summer, the maximum average is 29 C (84 F) and in winter, maximum average is 15-16 C (59-61 F). Adelaide is the driest of all Australian capitals with most of the rain falling in winter.

Adelaide is served by Adelaide International Airport.  Public transportation is bus, tram and taxi.

Adelaide population is 1,158,259 (2007).

+61 is the international calling code for Australia
8 is the area code for Adelaide

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