What happened to the cast of The Brady Bunch?

Robert Reed and Florence Henderson (Mike and Carol Brady) in 1989 (photo by Alan Light - CC-BY)

Robert Reed and Florence Henderson (Mike and Carol Brady) in 1989 (photo by Alan Light – CC-BY)

The Brady Bunch was a saccharine-sweet television series originally aired from 1969 to 1974. It featured a family formed by the marriage of a widowed architect (Mike Brady) to a previously-married Carol. Mike brought with him three sons—Greg, Peter and Bobby—while Carol brought three daughters—Marcia, Jan and Cindy. Add a live-in maid (Alice) and a dog, and there’s enough material for over a hundred episodes plus plenty of spinoffs.

The show was created by Sherwood Schwartz, who was also responsible for Gilligan’s Island.

Mike Brady, the father, was played by Robert Reed. After The Brady Bunch he acted on stage and starred in a wide range of TV shows and TV movies (including Pray for the Wildcats and Roots) plus guest appearances including Hawaii Five-O and Murder, She Wrote. He also featured in television movies. He died of colon and bladder cancer, suffering from AIDS, at age 59 on 12 May 1992.

Carol Brady, the mother, was played by Florence Henderson. After The Brady Bunch she experienced a successful and widely varied performing career, appearing as a panelist on game shows, hosting a cooking show, hosting talk shows, advertising a range of products from Pepsi Twist to a denture cleaner, and performing as a singer (including many renditions of God Bless America at the Indianapolis 500 motor race). She has starred in film (including Shakes of the Clown), and in the documentary Get Bruce. As at June 2009 she’s alive and active.

Greg Brady, the oldest son, was played by Barry Williams. After The Brady Bunch he performed in theater musicals including The Sound of Music and Grease. He wrote his autobiography in 1992, which was later turned into the TV movie Growing Up Brady. He played the manager in the sitcom S Club 7 in Hollywood, has performed cabaret, and hosted a radio quiz show. As at July 2009 he’s alive and active. He has a blog, The Greg Brady Project.

Marcia Brady, the oldest daughter and the heart-throb of many a 1970s teenager, was played by Maureen McCormick. After the show, she made a raft of guest appearances on TV shows, scored some supporting movie roles, and performed on the stage, but failed to hit the bigtime. She has suffered a number of personal problems including drug addiction, depression and weight gain. She addressed her weight gain on the TV reality show Celebrity Fit Club in 2007, and the following year released her autobiography. She has also released some records: a couple of singles and a couple of albums, one of which was recorded together with Christopher Knight. As at July 2009 she’s alive and active.

Christopher Knight played Peter, the middle Brady son. After the show, he performed in guest appearances on TV, but his main career has been in the computer industry. He helped to create the Brady Bunch computer game, and as co-founder of Visual Software helped to bring 3D graphics to the consumer. Subsequent to that he co-founded businesses working with edutainment software and computer peripherals. In recent years he has performed more, including on the fourth season of The Surreal Life and in the mini-series I Love The 70s. As at July 2009 he is alive and active.

Eve Plumb played Jan Brady, the middle daughter. After the end of The Brady Bunch Eve appeared in TV game shows, sitcoms and soaps, plus in more serious roles including as Beth in Little Women. She is also an accomplished artist, specializing in still life using oils. She has an online art website. As at July 2009 she is alive and active, and living in Laguna Beach, California.

Mike Lookinland was Bobby Brady, the youngest son. Since the show ended he has starred in The Towering Inferno and worked as a cameraman and as a voice artist. As at July 2009, he’s alive and active.

Susan Olsen was Cindy, the youngest Brady daughter. After the show ended she performed occasionally, but primarily worked in graphic design. As at July 2009, she’s alive and active, and living in Los Angeles.

Ann Davis played Alice, the housekeeper. After the end of The Brady Bunch, she acted on Broadway, made commercials, and played the occasional bit part of television. She died on 1 June 2014 in Texas, at age 88, after falling in her bathroom.

In addition to their own follow-on careers, all of the Brady Bunch cast participated in numerous Brady Bunch sequels and spinoffs. During the running of the show, the Brady children also released albums of bubblegum music, and during summer gaps between seasons, they toured and performed together as The Kids from the Brady Bunch.

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