Why vacation in Washington state?

Washington state holiday - Olympic Rain Forest - courtesy brockzilla - CC-BY

Washington state holiday - Olympic Rain Forest - courtesy brockzilla - CC-BY

You will find rain forests, beaches and tide pools, fantascic scenery, volcanoes, wildlife, glaciers, mountains, deserts, wilderness, trout-filled lakes, and wild rivers. The outdoor recreational opportunities are nearly endless, from sportfishing and whale watching to whitewater rafting and mountain climbing. There is fun, adventure, and challenge out there for everybody.

For the non-adventure traveler, cities such as Seattle, Olympia and Spokane have their attractions too. Seattle is known as the home of the Space Needle but also the home of a vibrant arts scene. Olympia’s art and music scene is unusually large and active for a town of its size and while Tacoma has neither the tourist amenities of its neighbor Seattle to the north nor the suburban safety of Olympia to the south, one can certainly spend a few enjoyable days in Tacoma and see the city’s dynamic art scene as well as its excellent music and theater. Then Escape to the Yakima Valley in Central Washington State to find one of the world’s top agricultural growing regions boasting award-winning wine and fresh fruit. Just east of Seattle and the Puget Sound, the Cascade Mountain Range forms a spine that spans the state all the way from the Canadian border in the north to the State of Oregon in the south.

The state is also full of spectacular volcanos, mostly set in National Parks. Mt. St. Helens and Mount Rainier being two of the most famous. On the Olympic Pensiula are Pacific Ocean beaches, rainforest valleys, glacier-capped mountains and an overwhelming variety of plants and animals.

All-in-all, no matter where you go in the state of Washington, there is something for most everybody.

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