Where Can I Find Free Newspaper Archives Online for Australia and New Zealand?

Australian Infantryman (Flickr Commons NKCR)

Australian Infantryman (Flickr Commons NKCR)

Quezi, I am told, is Australian slang for question, as in, ‘scuse me, mate, I’ve got a quezi for ya’.

Don’t believe me?  Try looking up the history of the word in old newspaper archives.  There are a number of free online newspaper archives covering Australia and New Zealand.  Here are the major ones you should know about:

National Library of Australia Digitzed Newspapers, 1803-1954.  This impressive collection gets larger with every visit.  Last I looked, it included The Argus, The Courier-Mail, Mercury, Perth Gazette, South Australian Advertiser, and many others.  The archives allow full-text searching and provide downloadable PDF images of the original newspaper pages.

Australian Digitized Collection.  Magazines, mostly, from the mid-nineteenth century, though there’s a smattering of other dates included.  Fully text searchable.

The Nambour Chronicle and North Coast Advertiser, 1903-1955.  Free (and easy) registration is required for this full-text searchable archive.

New Zealand PapersPast newspapers, 1839-1915.  More than a million archived pages from NZ newspapers, representing a formative period in New Zealand history.

Maori Newspapers.  Yep.  For those who know the language, or just want to have a look, Maori newspapers from New Zealand, covering the period 1842-1932.

If you know of other free newspaper archives from the area, please let me know with a Comment, below, and I’ll take a look.  Thanks.

David Sarokin

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