question marks (photo by Jilligan86 - CC-BY-SA)

question marks (photo by Jilligan86 - CC-BY-SA)

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  • Hi Roger.

    In reply to your comment on my post about optimal line length at, I think that the measure of your content column is perfect in regards to established guidelines for readability.

    I certainly have no difficulty reading your content.

    On a more personal note however, as your posts are generally more than a quick paragraph I might look into increasing the lines spacing a small amount. Not much, maybe just .1 em or so. This could have a dramatic effect on how someone perceives readability.

  • eiffel says:

    Anthony, I appreciate it that you took the time to look at the line length at

    I agree with you about the line spacing, and have made the change that you suggested.


  • Brilith says:


    I have noticed that you have used one of my pictures on your website without properly referring to the source not asking me for permission. If you would like to continue displaying the image, please get in touch with me in order to display the correct reference with it.

    Best regards,


  • eiffel says:

    Hi Brilith,

    We sent you an email on April 24 but received no reply. You have licensed your Flickr photo as “CC-BY” which means you already gave permission for re-use provided the source is credited (which we have done).

    If you would like us to change the wording of the attribution, or remove your photo from our site, just reply to this message.

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