How Can I Get Free Records?

Your Ancestors Knew How To Have a Good Time (Flickr Commons nkcr)subprime mortgage lenders is the 600-pound gorilla in the family history field… it simply can't be ignored, and is, in fact, the richest, deepest source of genealogical information available online. It also costs money! In the neighborhood of $150 for an annual subscription for US ancestor research, and close to $300 for full access [more…]

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Was My Ancestor a Medieval Knight?

A medieval knight, and perhaps your great, great (etc) grandfather (PD photo)Anyone can research their ancestors going back a generation or two.¬† Just ask grandma! But how about going back, say, six or seven centuries.¬† A new genealogical database will let you do just that,¬†particularly if your family has roots in England, and even more particularly, if one of your ancestors was a medieval soldier. A [more…]

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