In Austria, what is the difference between a university professor and mere professor?

austrian-flagIn Austria, a university professor teaches and does research at a university, of course, just like everywhere else in the world. So why do these Austrian professors need “university” added to their title? You guessed it: there are professors in Austria who are not related to a university in any professional way. A couple of [more…]

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What is the oldest sporting trophy?

Winners of Doggett's Coat and Badge, the oldest rowing race (PD-EXP)Each time the America's Cup match races are held, sponsors claim that the America's Cup is the oldest sporting trophy, and the media often say the same. The official website is more circumspect, stating: “… the America's Cup is often called the oldest trophy in sport.” The first race was in 1851, around the Isle [more…]

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Can I get a Girl Scout badge for being a couch potato?

Couch potato (artwork by oddsock - CC-BY)Believe it or not, you can earn a Girl Scout badge for being a couch potato. Well, you can if you are a Girl Scout. Girl Scouting is supposed to be “for every girl, everywhere”. So girls in five Californian troops created the Couch Potato Interest Project. Not surprisingly, earning this badge requires watching TV. [more…]

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