Where Can I Find Bankruptcy Filings for Free?

bankrupt mall morgue file free photoWhen a person or a business files for bankruptcy, they leave behind a huge paper trail of documents detailing their finances, assets, debts, creditor claims and an awful lot of history of their changing fortunes over time. In the United States, bankruptcies are handled in federal court; so many claims cross state borders, it would [more…]

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What are Debt Relief Orders?

Piggy doesn't stand a chance when you're in debt (photo by Alan Cleaver CC-BY)Debt Relief Orders (DRO) are a new way of helping people who are struggling to deal with their debts, and are an alternative to full bankruptcy. They were brought in by The Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Act 2007 and started on 6 April 2009. They only apply to those living in England and Wales, or [more…]

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How can I find out if someone is Bankrupt?

Spare some change? (photo by RenĂ© Ehrhardt CC-BY)In the UK this information is available to the public. It is free in England and Wales, but Northern Ireland and Scotland requires payment. Information on those subject to bankruptcy orders and bankruptcy restrictions orders in England and Wales are found on the Individual Insolvency Register which is controlled by The Insolvency Service. You can [more…]

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Why did Woolworths fail (go bust) in the UK?

Woolworths closes down (photo by eiffel - CC-BY)In a sense, Woolworths Group plc failed because they did not bring in enough money to cover their costs (they became insolvent). The wider question is: why were they not turning a profit? Woolies started out in Liverpool in 1909 as a “3d and 6d” (threepence and sixpence) shop selling low-priced mass-produced items, and was [more…]

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