Can grownups do anything with the Nintendo DSi other than play games?

Nintendo DSi browsing the web.The Nintendo DSi is the 2009 version of the videogame console company's market-leading portable gaming system. Undeniably, it's a great little machine for kids, but is there anything on it for adults who don't play videogames? The answer is a resounding yes — if you can handle its inherent limitations, such as its small screens [more…]


What are Internet cookies, and are they dangerous?

CookiesAn Internet cookie, sometimes called a browser cookie or merely a cookie, is nothing more than a tiny text file that your browser saves on your hard drive when you visit most web sites. By itself, a cookie is harmless — in fact, if you wish you can look at one using a word processor [more…]

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How can I protect myself from phishing scams?

Online scammers want your money. Composite photo by D70focus. CC-BY.If you’ve ever received an e-mail asking you to enter account information at some rogue web site, you’ve been the would-be victim of a phishing attempt. Every hour, thousands of Internet users are targeted. While there is no way of protecting yourself 100 percent of the time from every possible Internet threat, there are some [more…]

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