What are rag trees, clootie wells, and raggedy bushes?

Scottish clootie well, with rags and ribbons tied on trees for good luck and healing, and water trickling nearby. (Photo by conner395 - CC-BY)Rag trees, clootie wells, and raggedy bushes are English, Scottish, and Irish names for special places with a mystical reputation. People visit in the hope of healing and good fortune and tie a piece of cloth on a particular tree or bush near a well or source of water. Often the tree is a hawthorn [more…]

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What is meant by ‘authentic’ Celtic jewellery?

Torcs like these necklaces were worn 2000 years ago in Celtic cultures - photo by Helen Etheridge - CC-BYDictionaries say authentic means genuine, but how much does that help when browsing Celtic jewellery stores? A strict interpretation of the word would leave us nothing but ancient gold, silver, and bronze belonging to museums. Many people choosing this kind of jewellery simply want pieces influenced by Celtic traditions in tune with their beliefs and [more…]

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