Were club chairs traditionally upholstered in leather?

Leather club chair - sleek 21st century style - less bulky than classic club chairs from the first half of the 20th century  - photo by  tukanuk - CC-BYClub chairs owe a lot to Victorian advances in upholstery techniques. Earlier padded chairs just had a light layer of  horsehair stuffing – kept in place by  quilting in the 17th century, or by tufted deep stitches for the 18th century’s thicker padding. As the 1800s progressed, chair makers explored ways of adding more stuffing [more…]

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Is a recamier the same as a chaise longue?

What kind of chaise longue is this?  Photo by boopalina+bebe - CC-BYWhen you go hunting for  furniture, you may see an antique day-bed or sofa, fall in love with it, and not care what it’s called. Or you may want to know which of the various French names for different designs suits it best. Is a récamier the same as a chaise longue? And what about [more…]

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