What are some interesting statistics about Chile?

Santiago, ChileHere are several statistics (2009-2011) about the city of Santiago and Chile. Vehicles (2010) There are 3,375,523 passenger cars in Chile and 1,406,403 (41.7%) circulate in Santiago. There are 33,723 taxis in Chile and 21,117 (62.8%) circulate in Santiago. There are 43,561 buses in Chile. 32.5% (314,156) of them are in Santiago. There are 102,314 [more…]


When and where was the most powerful earthquake ever recorded?

Hilo, Hawaii, street after 1960 tsunami.A magnitude 7 earthquake that struck near coastal Concepción, Chile, on May 21, 1960, was powerful enough to send frightened residents inland. But that quake and three others of magnitude 7 or above were only foreshocks of the biggest recorded quake of them all, a magnitude 9.5 temblor centered in the Pacific Ocean to the [more…]

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What is Santiago city profile?

Santiago - courtesy Patrick_coe - CC-BYSantiago is the capital of Chile and the country’s largest city. Santiago was founded in 1541 by Spanish Conquistador Pedro de Valdivia. You will find most everything you need in this city. It has luxury hotels, economical bed and breakfasts, restaurants of every ethnic background, discos, clubs, museums, high rise office buildings, theater, malls, parks, [more…]


What is an easy recipe for Cola de Mono?

Long tail Macaque monkey (photo by robstephaustralia - CC-BY)The holiday beverage that Chileans enjoy during the Christmas holiday season is called Cola de Mono. Cola de Mono literally means Monkey Tail. People in Chile say it’s called Monkey tail because after you drink it you’ll be swinging from the trees like a monkey.  Other origins of the name can be found here. The [more…]

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