When’s the best time to ride the Metro in your underwear?

no-pants-metro-ridePerhaps you’ve had the urge to ride your local mass transit system without your trousers or skirt, proudly displaying your underwear. Perhaps it would provide a frisson that’s missing from your life. The only problem is that you’d be a bit shy to do it. So when is the best time to ride your local [more…]


Who decides what colors will be “in fashion”?

color-fashionSurely fashions come and go, without anyone “deciding”? Well, actually, there are individuals and organizations that give a “guiding hand” to the whims of fashion. The Color Marketing Group is an association of people who work with color. They design with color, market color, and teach color. The Group holds regular conferences and workshops at [more…]

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Why are jeans called jeans?

Jeans - by Violentz - CC-BYGeane or Gene was once the English name for Genoa, Italy, which was known for producing a particular kind of cloth. Similar everyday fabric woven in 16th century England was named after it; at first called ‘Gene fustian’, but soon known simply as geanes or jean. (Spelling was still very variable!) In 19th century America [more…]

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Who designed barristers’ wigs?

Roayal Court of Justice, London (photo by Redvers CC-BY)In the English legal system, judges and barristers adopted the wearing of wigs in court in the 1680s following the trend of everyday life when wigs were worn. They soon became recognised as required court dress. By the early 19th century, wigs had gone out of fashion in society, but the legal profession continue to [more…]

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