Is Fibromyalgia a real disease or just an imaginary condition?

Question Mark Squircle (Photo by Xurble - CC-BY)For those who suffer from it, the answer is “Yes – it’s real!” For the doctors who treat it, the answer is not so clear. Fibromyalgia encompasses of a host of symptoms. Chronic muscle pain, stiffness and  fatigue are the most common complaints. Headaches, digestive disturbances, anxiety and depression, difficulty concentrating, dizziness, insomnia, urinary problems [more…]


What are some effective treatments for stuttering?

Magnetic letters (Photo by Gaetan Lee BB-CY)Both children and adults can benefit from individualized therapies for stuttering. Children can be helped most effectively because their speech patterns are just being formed. However, treatments can help adults as well. It may take a bit more work because habitual patterns are already ingrained, but hard work can often pay off with positive changes. [more…]

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