What causes color fringing around fine lines on a computer monitor?

lcd-screenOn some computer monitors, color fringes appear around narrow lines, or may appear and disappear as you move the cursor over small text. To see why this happens, we need to consider how the screen is constructed. Computer screens, regardless of whether they are Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD), Cathode Ray Tubes (CRT) or Light Emitting [more…]

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What would it look like to fly over Mars?

mars-natural-colorWhat would it look like if we could fly above the surface of Mars in a jetliner and look out of the window? Of course a regular plane can’t fly in the thin atmosphere of Mars, so this is a hypothetical question. No doubt you have seen plenty of photographs of Mars, but these are [more…]

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What was the earliest color photograph?

tartan-ribbon-oldest-color-photoPhotography was invented in the 1820s, based on work by Nicéphore Niécpe, which Louis Daguerre advanced to practical level, using Johann Heinrich Schultz’s discovery in 1816 that a silver and chalk mixture darkens when exposed to light. The problem was not the camera, per se, but how to capture the image. The first color photograph [more…]


What is HDR photography?

High Dynamic Range (HDR) photo by Gabriel Pevide - CC-BYHigh Dynamic Range (HDR) photography, also known as High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDRI), is a way to combine multiple photographs of the same scene into a single photo that has better brightness detail. The technique can be used to produce more realistic photographs, or it can be used to produce surreal photographs which look like [more…]

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