What are the differences between the Apple iPad and a netbook computer?

The iPad as seen on the day it was introduced to the public. GlennFleishman photo. CC-BY.When Apple announced the details of the iPad, it was clear that a new type of computer was being produced — something like a netbook and yet something like an oversized iPhone without the telephone capabilities or an iPod Touch on steroids. My word for the device is “netpad,” but only time will tell what [more…]


Can grownups do anything with the Nintendo DSi other than play games?

Nintendo DSi browsing the web.The Nintendo DSi is the 2009 version of the videogame console company's market-leading portable gaming system. Undeniably, it's a great little machine for kids, but is there anything on it for adults who don't play videogames? The answer is a resounding yes — if you can handle its inherent limitations, such as its small screens [more…]


Will my old television still work after the switch to digital TV?

snowy televisionsThe good news is that old televisions, the analog kind, will still work after the switch to digital TV in the United States. The bad news — and this will be true for some people, but not for others — is that there may not be any stations they will be able to receive. The [more…]

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