Is Apple’s iPhone “retina display” more than just hype?

horizontal-stripes-test-iphone-retina-displayWhen Steve Jobs launched the iPhone 4, he made a big point about its display, which Apple calls the “retina display”. Jobs claimed that its 326 pixels per inch corresponds to the limit of perception of the human retina. When viewed about a foot away, Jobs said, you can no longer see the individual pixels. [more…]

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What’s the difference between AMOLED and LCD cellphone displays?

lcd-pixelsTwo display technologies are commonly mentioned in cellphone specifications: LCD and AMOLED. How do they differ? Is one better than the other? An LCD is a Liquid Crystal Display. The molecules of a liquid crystal can line themselves up like a crystal, but they can also move like a liquid when an electric charge is [more…]

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Which cellphones have large, high resolution screens?

Nokia E90 smartphone (photo by renaissancechambara - CC-BY)Amongst mobile phones, the king of the displays is currently (as at September 2009) Toshiba’s TG01 with its 4.1 inch screen (cellphone screens are measured diagonally). Waiting in the wings are phones with even larger displays from HTC and Archos. The Nokia E90’s display is only slightly smaller at 4.0 inches, but this phone is [more…]

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